• Column1

    • Air Batu Campur

      Air Batu Campur

    • Ayam Rendang

      Ayam Rendang

    • Char Key Teow

      Char Key Teow

    • Cucur Udang

      Cucur Udang

    • Kuih


    • Mee Goreng Mamak

      Mee Goreng Mamak

    • Mee Rebus

      Mee Rebus

    • Nasi Dagang

      Nasi Dagang

    • Nasi Kerabu

      Nasi Kerabu

    • Petai Udang

      Petai Udang

    • Rendang Ayam

      Rendang Ayam

    • Roti Canai

      Roti Canai

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    • Asam Laksa Draft

      Asam Laksa Draft

    • Bubur Cha Cha

      Bubur Cha Cha

    • Chicken Rice

      Chicken Rice

    • Keropok Lekor

      Keropok Lekor

    • Lemang


    • Mee Kari

      Mee Kari

    • Mee Udang

      Mee Udang

    • Nasi Kandar

      Nasi Kandar

    • Nasi Lemak

      Nasi Lemak

    • Prawn Noodle

      Prawn Noodle

    • Rojak


    • Tempoyak


About Us

Love good food? You are at the right place! We are food lovers who believe in good food and customer satisfaction. You love delicious food with good nutrition. You want healthy food, We believe you like these too… Quality, convenient, fast and fresh food at a happy price. "Customers are kings!" Your voice is important to us. We listen, learn and follow We love to make good food that brightens up your day. Our team members includes seasoned experts of hospitality and tourism, finance, customer service and culinary. We have deep interest in Asian food, particularly in rice and noodle.

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Traditional Recipe With a Modern Twist

We choose our food ingredients carefully. From nasi lemak, mee rebus, chicken rice, rojak, char kuey teow to nasi kandar and more. It makes the difference by using fresh ingredients, as much as having our chefs who cook with passion and love. Give it a twist!

How We Do So? featured image

How We Do So?

Mouth watering food comes from: passionate chefs + advanced technique + modern kitchen + fresh ingredients. Is that all? No, There are more… continuous R&D to improve the recipe, professional storage, good air ventilation, revisit the ingredients that produce the taste that satisfied taste buds and more…

The five sense in food for memorable experience:

– Sight
– Hearing
– Taste
– Smell
– Touch
Delicious till the last bite… A “wow!” response by our delighted customers is
the best recognition to our skills and passion.

Putting a big smile on our consumers’ faces makes us feel good, happy and proud of ourselves!